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Exceeding MagicaVoxel 256 limit?

Quick question: Wanted to make a skyscraper so I followed steps from youtube videos to go beyond the 256 limit [which is only 6.4 game squares high] and it exported it as two SEPERATE objects. I saw some mods that exceed this but are able to keep the exported object as a single .obj file?

I can't make the building load in the game without a crash when I'm referencing two object files for one building.

Unless I need another program to merge them together maybe?

I tried the Boolean union function in MagicaVoxel and that just merged them into eachother it seems!

My understanding is that indeed you need to merge .obj files that are bigger than that in something other than MagicaVoxel, Blender for example. Maybe there's other ways?

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