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When is gameplay modding coming?

So, I just finished my first town, after getting as far as I could without having to bulldoze most of it to continue advancing. Very pretty game, and pretty satisfying. I love looking at my riverside town with the night lights on.

[Image: 1BBBFAFFD12500215DB564E30F0BD2F79EE8B7AB]

But now it's time for a proper min-maxing city. And first on the agenda, as with every game, is making my personal rebalancing mod. So, seeing that workshop support was recently implemented, I assumed changing buildings' attributes would be easy, or at least possible without extensive programming knowledge. I didnt bother to check if that was the case...

And so I happily spent a few hours looking through every building and upgrade and policy in the game and writing down everything I wanted to change. And only then did I find out modding support is only for visuals...  Sad

So, please tell me there are plans to open the gameplay attributes to modding sometime very soon!! I cant go back to playing after I've already hyped myself up about implementing the layout I planned out for the modded buildings!

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