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Question to the Dev: House max space?

Are residential houses larger than 3x3 possible? I'm trying to mod a 4x4 large mixed home/office that upgrades from 8 story mixed "Edificio8" [this name doesn't seem to work though for upgrade/building referencing?]

The building I've made is 160x160 voxels and is 4x4 squares in size, intended for larger city blocks [as we can go up to 6x6 technically with the road spacing] however when it's ready to upgrade, it refuses to show upgrade requirements and is ignored entirely by the upgrade system.

When clicking the "OfficeSquare" in the upgrade list it just shows a large orange square on the map.

Included my Newbuildings.txt with the temporary  "updatesFrom": ["ciudad,first"],   as Edificio8 doesn't seem to reference anything

Attached Files
.txt   newBuildings_OfficeSquare.txt (Size: 1.63 KB / Downloads: 7)

Set root: protoCabanha (it has to be a 1x1 construction), and be careful that names are case sensitive: so make update and codeName the same.

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