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Pyo's Rail Mods

Adds rail tracks, trains and stations to the game. Right now purely decorative.

[Image: oilexports.png?width=913&height=597]

Mod is split in two parts: the base package contains regular single and double track pieces. The extra pack is for electrified double tracks in addition to the normal ones (can also be used without the base package). This is to keep the build menu from cluttering too much for those that don't need all of that.

Suggestions always welcome but don't confuse that with a free wishlist ;)

Current versions:
Base: Version 4B (12.07.2022)
Electrified: Version 4B (12.07.2022)
Model count: ~230

Non-electrified single and double tracks: 

.zip (Size: 6.19 MB / Downloads: 493)
Electrified double tracks:

.zip (Size: 3.34 MB / Downloads: 363)

Jeeeezz, Thanks a lot man! It's the only thing I needed in the game ! Smile

Lovely work thank you so much

can't fault you. very very good. Thank you.

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