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Modular park mod

My new mod. The description will be small because I really don't know what to talk about. The mod adds a modular park, you can make your own square, park or square from separate parts. If there are bugs in my mod or you know what else you can add, please let me know. Good time of day Wink 

If you are enjoying the creations of our group UAA we are grateful and your download is already enough, but know that from now on, if you wish to support and motivate even more future projects and mods, donations are possible! via link :

 Mod link:

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(07-26-2022, 12:04 PM)尼基塔aa317 Wrote: 我的新模组。描述会很小,因为我真的不知道该说什么。该模组增加了一个模块化的公园,您可以从不同的部分制作自己的广场、公园或广场。如果我的模组中有错误,或者您知道还可以添加什么,请告诉我。一天中的好时光 Wink
  Where does the road in the picture come from?

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