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Small fire station plugin

[附件=34] 大家好,我在空闲时间做了一个插件,文章中标注了他的图片,我会尽快发布他们的文档,您可以免费使用,无需付费!

(07-25-2022, 02:38 PM)滑稽长空 Wrote: [3] 大家好,我在文章中使用了4个插件,中标注了他的图片我会立即发布他们的免费附件,单独付费!

[附件=35] ??. This is my plugin, But he only has models( Because I can't write code)  Because of the website, I have to convert my files into compressed packages, So you have to decompress it before using it, It will be very simple!
(English is not my original language,I'm learning from it.So there are some sentences you can't understand,please tell me!

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.zip   消防局 (Size: 9.18 KB / Downloads: 51)

Unfortunately I don't speak Chinese(?), so I can't help too much, but maybe an example will help? You can try testing this in the game.

For your other buildings, you need to do something similar. Here's the modding tutorials again:

Hopefully you can translate these.

The folder structure is important. .vox models must be exported to .obj files. 
Also remember that you can modify the colors of the palette!

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.zip   FireStationV1_滑稽长空.zip (Size: 70.92 KB / Downloads: 12)

(07-26-2022, 02:14 PM)表郎 Wrote: 不幸的是我不会说中文(?),所以我帮不上忙,但也许举个例子会有所帮助?您可以尝试在游戏中进行测试。

https ://


文件夹结构很重要。.vox 模型必须导出为 .obj 文件。 
  thank you! Now I'm working on modifying all

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