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Flashing shadows visual bug? - Danza - 07-21-2022

When in the free camera mode [rather than the isometric or first person] the shadows flicker when zooming, rotating or moving.

It seems to also get worse the bigger your city is.

I've heard this may be a unity problem but didn't know if there was something a dev can do to address this?


4K monitor [Asus]
GPU: RTX 3070 ti
CPU: Ryzen 7 3800X
RAM: 32GB DDR5 Corsair

Temporary fix for now is to use the isometric camera only.

RE: Flashing shadows visual bug? - Bruko - 07-23-2022

It is a Unity think but I think it is possible to solve, I tried and failed but maybe I just have to keep trying

RE: Flashing shadows visual bug? - chillspot - 09-07-2022

totally love this game and style, also that's it pretty smooth even on big maps.
related to this question, tho, i'm having issues with the first person walking around cam. It lags, jumps, turns me back around, and is simply not workable or enjoyable at the moment. It isn't a real requirement for me in these kind of games, but still would want to mention.
It could potentially be a pc-related-thing on my end, or a unity thing. Hope ur coding and the gameplay remains on par tho.
cheers for ur great work!